Friday, August 24, 2012

CSI # 33 @ Craigdarroch Castle

Another CSI File solved.......# 33
These colours were a real challenge for me, almost didn't do this one.
So pleased I persevered, I'm happy with how it turned out.
Love this photo Sarah took of this beautiful Castle on her recent trip to Canada.
{@ Craigdarroch Castle}

How to solve each case.....
You must use all 5 colours. Evidence, use 2 or more. Testimony, use 1 or more
How I solved this case ..
Evidence: Liquid medium (glimmermist), white background, bricks, metal, transparent.
Testimony: A landmark you've seen, 3 Facts, journal strips..

A big welcome to my new followers, thank you, its a buzz to flick into my blog and to see new faces..
A big thanks also for all the lovely comments, I love reading them all,  they brighten my day.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Janice xx..


SueP said...

Well done at completing this challenge....those colours would be tricky for me too. Love how you have worked it!!

Adriana B said...

awesome page here, love the clusters of blooms, great photo to scrap as well : have a great week :)

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