Thursday, May 10, 2012



 I've been playing with this Twiddleybitz Fantasy Frame for awhile. Had an idea of what I wanted to create, but it took me much longer than I though it would. I printed a large photo to cover the entire frame allowing for it to be set back into the (box) frame. I then measured, scored and cut so it all went into place, (a bit tricky) not perfect by any means. I stuck it all down. I let it dry overnight and  using a sharp kraft knife I cut around the edge of the frame, I also used a file to finish it off.. I inked the edges and added all the bitz and pieces. Among the seaweed and shells I have added some Twiddleybitz small card scrolls which I cut in half and  pieces from a Twiddley tree.  I'm happy with the way it turned out..
I don't usually do Off The Page projects, but I have really enjoyed trying something different and playing with the awesome Twiddleybitz pieces.

Janice xx. .


Tiff Firth said...

this soooo rocks Jancie..... love the thinking outside the box (sxuse the pun).

all the little added bits really set it off. I know you've sweated on this one, and the time invested has really paid off.

and love the angled shots of it. Shows the depth, esp the overhead shot. Great propping too!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

This is FANTASTIC! I love how you've got the 3D thing going sooo well & the sea scape is gorgeous...the flowers look really good, too:):):)

Al Hannah said...

That's incredible ... how you've cut the photo and then framed it! Love all the "sea" items you have included. This is wonderful!!

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