Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Four friends catch up for a cuppa at the 5 loaves Bakery.
Topic of conversation is... that's right  "Scrapbooking".....
and from that day this is the layout I created.
The page does actually have a thin black layer around it..

Thanks so much Sandra for the inspiration, your insight into the scrapping world is amazing, your head is a buzz with ideas that you are only to willing to share. I must say thanks also for the sleepless night....I was thinking of how I could try what you had been talking about  The photo is inset into the page, bit hard to see by these photos.. This is  a bit different to what Sandra was  talking about but this is my interpretation..

Thanks for the blog love everyone, I really am enjoying being in blog land.
 Take care.
  Janice xx


Tiff Firth said...

tis awesome in real life. its like a recessed shadow box and the photo is moulded back into it.

My idea in my head is totally different again from that day and that conversation........ isn't it great we can put a different slant onto the same inspo!!! Thanks too, Sandra!!!


Maryanne Ridgway said...

this really does look so lovely irl.

sandra said...

woot woot woot!!
congratulations Janice!

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