Saturday, January 21, 2012

the greatest gift

My first blog post and my first try at loading up an image.
Well here I go........... My head is spinning at the moment....but I've done it.
A big thank you to Tiff Firth and Sandra Wallace for all their encouragement to create my own blog
Today is the day, thank you Tiff for ALL your help. There is still a few more changes to be made but that will happen later..
This layout was inspired by the very talented  Julie Winks.


Maryanne Ridgway said...

woohoo janice!awesome blog!youve been doing so many pages and I love that youre sharing your beautiful creations with everyone now.

sandra said...

another one here is so excited that others will be able to see all the gorgeous work you have been producing.
this layout is stunning...and even more so irl...but isn't that always the way? ;)

Tiff Firth said...

yahoooooooo. she's a blogger. be warned, it can be addictive lol

your LO's have such a tactical feel to them and I agree with Sandra and mary... your creations are beautiful, they all have a little bit of influence from a lot of people but your flair shows thru.

Cheryl said...

Just gorgeous work, all of it Janice. Love your blog

Dolly B said...

Welcome to blog land Janice . Love this layout , the colours are just gorgeous

Mary x

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