Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sarah and Matthew are a huge inspiration for me. I love scrapping  about them and more than anything I want them to know that they have had a wonderful childhood with parents  who adore them, and to be able to draw strength from that in their future lives.
I love this photo of Sarah and Matthew taken by Tiff Firth. for Sarah's 18th birthday.
I really do feel blessed to have 2 wonderful children.

.Janice xx


Maryanne Ridgway said...

You certainly do have lovely children, a real reflection of their parents I think.I do love the gold embellishments on this and the previous page too, so pretty.

sandra said...

This is gorgeous. and love love love the journalling (woo hoo!!!)
very much enjoying your blog Janice...let the fun begin!

Tiff Firth said...

your kids are a credit to both you and K. They are the best of friends and I can only hope my 2 may be lucky enough to one as deep as theirs.



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