Monday, January 16, 2017

Guest Designing at Colour Stories Inspiration


I'm thrilled to be Guest designing again for Colour Stories Inspiration
Case File NO. 222

I love the concept of these challenges
The Scheme- use all 5 colours -  You may use neutrals (Black, White, Kraft, Cream, Gray, Brown) to these colours.  Hint: pick a predominant colour and use small amount of the others if you wish.
Evidence- from the list choose 3 or more to include on your page.
Testimony- This is the journaling part. Choose one or more elements for your journaling.
I chose Winter.
This photo of Sarah was taken in  December 2013 when she visited Churchill.
Needless to say it was very cold.
Have fun!!!


The Scheme: All 5 colours used.
I picked white as my predominant colour and added smaller pieces of the other 4 colours.
Click here to be inspired by the DT and GDT members  creations.
Evidence: chevrons, ribbon, bow, glitter, patterned boards, snowflakes

I finished this layout, read and reread my journaling before I printed it out, Cut it out, stuck it on and re read again. Photographed, edited, sent to Debbi and put it aside. A week later I reread it again and noticed a spelling mistake...amazing how the mind reads and misses things.

My Journaling reads-
Its Winter time here in Churchill, and its freezing!!
Yeah its freezing alright...outside for a few minutes and my eyelashes were frozen.
Such an amazing experience. One we will remember for a lifetime.
We stayed at Jen and Gerald's, who own Blue-sky Dog sledding Expeditions.
A few days before Christmas, Gerald took us on a dog sled ride, hunting for a Christmas tree.
We rugged up, put on our coats with big red bows attached to the hats, which is a tradition of theirs whilst tree hunting and away we went. Todays temperature was minus 30. We enjoyed a beautiful white Christmas Day, experienced some incredibly cold days, played in the snow, we spent time feeding and tending to the sled dogs,we saw the Northern lights and we walked along the edge of the Hudson Bay.

Its such a great challenge, you have 2 weeks to plays and upload your layout here for the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.

Janice xx


Lizzyc said...

This looks great! what a good hint about choosing the colors too. sometimes it is hard to use all the colors, what an amazing photo!! fabulous take for the challenge!!

Peg said...

How fabulous! What an awesome story and brilliant experience, a little jealous, especially in the current Aussie heat wave! I love this beautiful page.

Dolly B said...

Wow Janice this is just Beautiful ! The pops of red against the beautiful blue/silver winter tones. It Sounds like a wonderful experience , looking for a Christmas Tree on a dog sleigh, it must have been magical. Don't know if I could handle the cold though , minus 30!
This would be a new fave for me, just love it
Mary x

Helen Wallace said...

Such a dramatic photo and a wonderful story about a world so alien from our own. Love the textured cardstock which looks like tracks in the snow to me. The small pops of colour accentuate the stark landscape and I love the glimpse of the map behind the photo. Another stand out page from Chez Janice! Soooo good to see you creating again. Fave for me.

Val-Belle said...

What an amazing experience. I have been in -22 temps and that was cold so I can only imagine -30. Beautiful pic of your girl too. PERFECT for this challenge. I love it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is gorgeous! LOVING that photo and the bow!!!!!!!

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