Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Card Making December 2016

 A big Hello and welcome to my blog.
My scrapping mojo has sadly gone. I am hoping it will return again in 2017 as I have so many great photos and memories I would like to scrap and record for the children.
I have been filling my scrapping void with some card making.

I follow Einat Kessler on Facebook and she did a 12 days of Christmas Cards.
I quite often look at things like this and think I should do that and I never do....really happy I actually finished something that I started. She is a very clever lady and creates some really great stuff.
Each day she shared a new card  with a video tutorial on how to make them.
This is the set of cards, she only made 11.
I changed things a bit to make them my own.
Sorry the photos are not the best.


 Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Wishing you  all the Best for a great 2017.

Janice xx


Lizzyc said...

It is easy to lose the momentum for scrapbooking, I know I have struggled at times. Cards are a good way to just continue creating but on a smaller scale.. These cards look wonderful, lovely designs and styles.. I hope 2017 is a creative year for you.. Happy new year...

Helen Wallace said...

Hello Janice, so good to see you blogging again. Mr. Mojo has a lot to answer for, in my opinion. He just takes off anytime without so much as a "by your leave"! I had a year like that in 2015. Still, you did make some gorgeous cards and its lovely to find someone inspirational to follow. Especially love the Kraft card with the fold out Christmas tree. Wishing you and your family Peace and Joy throughout the New Year.

Lizzy Hill said...

Very clever cards! Lots of paper folding techniques in there.... I do hope your mojo returns soon! Card making is a fun way to get scrappy I reckon!! Al the best for 2017 :)

Tiff Firth said...

clever thing

Valerie Thorpe said...

I love Einat's work too and she does some fabulous creative things. All of your cards are amazing. Love the folded ones too that is such a cool idea. :D

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