Sunday, August 2, 2015

Easel Card....Thank You for this gorgeous gift Helen. xx

 Hello  my Scrappy Friends.

You are in for a real treat today!
Whilst in Adelaide back in June I caught up with my  special scrappy friend Helen Wallace.
We met at a beautiful little coffee shop on Elizabeth Street in Croydon called "Queen Street Cafe"
They make a wonderful pot of tea, a delicious Hot Chocolate and a Fabulous Coffee.

I asked Helen to bring along some of her work to share with me,
 but before we looked at that she gave me this gorgeous gift.

Take a look...

Made by Helen.
                                                   It is an easel card, with 4 little drawers.
Each little draw is made separately and lined.
 Helen filled each draw with lots of little trinkets and bits and pieces.
A few of these little pieces have already found their way onto my layouts.  :)
Inside Helen has written a beautiful message to me.

 More close ups...
check out that  amazing little wish bone, the little bottle of micro beads, and the filigree  heart.

A clock, an angel, and some wooden veneer pieces.

You would have to agree ....It is gorgeous, isn't it!

Thank You Helen for this thoughtful and gorgeous gift. I appreciate your friendship.
 I always enjoy catching up and sharing our scrapping stories. 
Helen sent me the link to make one when I have time.
Thank you for sharing some of your pages with me, they are
 simply stunning, creative and very inspirational.

Janice xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow! What a gorgeous gift!!!!!!

Heather McMahon said...

Oh my goodness! This is amazing! What a thoughtful and precious gift. So Helen is still creating? Hope she's back online soon. :) SO glad the two of you got to meet up.

Lizzy Hill said...

Oh. My. Gosh! You are soooo lucky to have met Helen, mostly. And to have received this from her is just priceless. Man! It is you were gobsmackingly tickled pink! She is one gorgeous soul, for certain:):) Oh. And glad the hot choccy was good!!!

Lizzyc said...

Wow that is so beautiful! How very special! And it is lovely to meet with scrappy friends!

Tiff Firth said...

beautifully made by a beautiful lady.

Helen Wallace said...

How sweet of you to post about this Janice! Since Mr. Mojo has disappeared, I've been content to make smaller projects and been happy with the results. It's wonderful to see some of the trinkets appearing on your pages. Enjoy :)

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