Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CSI Design Team

Hello Everyone!!

 I have been keeping a little secret.
Today I can share!!!!
I am thrilled and excited  to be joining the Design Team at Colour, Stories, Inspiration.
A huge Thank You to  Debbi Tehrani for inviting me.
I feel extremely lucky to be working alongside so many talented scrappers from all around the world.

( below is Copy and pasted from the CSI blog)

Announcing our New Design Team
May 2014
I'd like to thank everyone who responded to our design team call. We had over 60 applicants. There were so many talented and inspiring members applying, and I loved looking through your work on your blogs and galleries. I wish we could take everyone who applied.
We're sad to say goodbye to our cherished Detectives who are going into retirement. They will always wear the CSI Detective badge. We thank them for their inspiration and all they have done to make CSI the awesome community it is!
We are excited to announce the latest additions to our design team of CSI Detectives, along with our continuing Detectives. We are pleased to carry on the tradition of including an incredibly talented and diverse team of designers from around the globe who have a range of storytelling and artistic styles to inspire all types of scrappers.
Please help us welcome our newest  CSI Detectives (their term will begin with the first May reveal):
Anna Sigga - Iceland
Cathy Cafun - Australia
Felicity Wilson - Australia
Jacqueline Moore - Australia
Janice Nicholls - Australia
Libeeti Frenkel - Israel
Maria Rose - United States
Michelle Whorwood - New Zealand
Terhi Koskinen - Finland

And here are our returning Detectives:
Anna-Karin Evaldsson - South Africa
Annette Gearside - Australia
Annie Claxton - United Kingdom
Debbi Tehrani- United States
Debbie Standard - United States
Em Stafrace - Australia
Heather Jacob - Australia
Helen Wallace - Australia
Kim Ewins - Australia
Kylie gW - Australia
Michele Singh - United States
Milagros C Rivera - Puerto Rico
Sarah Groen - New Zealand
Shawna Saucier - United States
Tracee Provis - England
Val Thorpe - South Africa
Veera Saarivuo - Finland

CSI is a weekly scrapbooking challenge that inspires you to try new colour schemes and to tell your stories. The Case Files provide inspiration that will get you thinking about scrapbooking in a whole new way. A new Case File opens every Friday evening. CSI is all about inspiration and sharing and most important, fun. We cant wait to see the stories you'll tell and the art you'll create.
Come on over and join in the fun.

A few of my "Special Investigator" and "Special Deputy" layouts.

This is the current Case File. It is open for another 5 days.
Come on..... join in...... its so much fun!!

Janice :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Huge huge huge hugeeeeeee CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

Helen Wallace said...

Welcome to the CSI team Janice. Lovely to see a little potted history of your work...Dad & Louie is an all time favourite of mine.

Lizzyc said...

Well done on your DT for CSI! Your layouts are amazing.. I just have not gotten into the CSI challenge.. they look so good too.. I am just too un-organized I think!!

Lizzy Hill said...

YIPPPEEEEEEE!!! Big congrats from me...you will be in your element over there---enjoy the ride:):)

Heather McMahon said...

Congrats Janice! That's fantastic news! And looking at those layouts I'm not surprised - they're stunning!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congratulations!!! Well deserved!

Val-Belle said...

So glad that you are joining us ... Can't wait to work with you and see more of your beautiful layouts. Big congratulations :D

Denise van Deventer said...

Congrats...that really awesome! ;-)

SueP said...

A H-U-G-E Congratulations Janice!!! That is really wonderful!!

Annie Claxton said...

Hey Janice, welcome to the team, I know you're gonna fit right in and have a lovely time! Looking forward to working with you and seeing more of your wonderful pages :o)

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